The Saqui Law Group takes pride in helping those in need; not only in our community but across the border and around the world. We are proud to sponsor and/or participate in the following projects. 

Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association (‘ALBA’)

  ALBA is a 100-acre training facility is in the heart of Salinas Valley. They create economic opportunity for hard working and aspiring organic farmers with limited opportunity. They offer a 5-year Farmer Education and Enterprise Development program known as FEED. This program helps individuals develop skills to prepare to launch farm businesses and advance their careers. 
 “Acres of Ambition” 


The Saqui Law Group has served as trusted advisors and pro bono counsel for over six years on labor and employment issues that arise in the program.



   For many years, The Saqui Law Group participated in the Bayside’s Mexico Outreach Ministry program which brings help to the Mexicali region of Baja California.  

This yearly mission trip brings together students and adults in our community to serve in a variety of ways.  The week-long trip is packed with endless support such as meals, amazing sermons, home-building and even piggyback rides for local children and their family.  

This trip has a lasting impact, transforming the lives not only of those on the receiving end but also on the Americans who selflessly devote their time.


RPAL- Roseville Police Athletic League

  The Roseville Police Athletic League, better known as “PAL” offers a vast variety of programs to all ages, interests, abilities and environments.

We have enthusiastically donated equipment to this league that for more than 4 decades has enriched the lives of the Roseville youth by helping to create meaningful relationships between Roseville Youth and Police Officers by providing low cost programs to include every family in our community. 




  The Saqui Law Group has actively sponsored Rancho Cielo and has witnessed the impact this program brings to the at-risk youth in the Salinas community.

Rancho Cielo’s effort to empower its participants to live an accountable, competent, productive and responsible life has successfully transformed the lives of more than 1000 students.  Rancho Cielo offers a variety of programs such as youth corps; which focuses in construction skills, culinary education; which grants the graduate a culinary certificate and a high school diploma and Transitional housing which offers homeless students and/or students living in unsafe neighborhoods a safe place to sleep.

With so many success stories, undoubtedly, Rancho Cielo is making a tremendous difference among the Salinas youth and we are fortunate to be able to contribute to this vigorous movement.



Toys For Tots –The Marine Toys for Tots Foundation

  Toys for Tots is a national campaign founded and run by the United State Marine Corps Reserve. The mission of the program is to collect new and unwrapped toys each year during the holiday season and distribute those Christmas gifts to children in the community who would otherwise have no toys on Christmas morning. The goal “is to deliver through a new toy at Christmas, a message of hope to less fortunate youngsters that will assist them in becoming responsible, productive, and patriotic citizens.”

Each year at the Saqui Law Group, we expand our efforts to bring the spirit of Christmas to the needy children in our community by donating toys purchased at a Toys for Tots partner retailer, Toys R Us.

Built For Employers