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Labor Relations

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  • Strategies for handling organizational campaigns;
  • Effective strategies for handling corporate campaigns, brand protection and boycotts;
  • Collective bargaining
  • Strike preparedness and logistics 
  • Employee polling and attitude surveys; and
  • Strategic planning on mergers and acquisitions

Advocacy and Defense

  • Representation petitions and hearings;
  • Unfair labor practice charges;
  • Jurisdictional dispute hearings;
  • Back pay and enforcement hearings
  • Representation at the  state and federal labor boards; and 
  • Grievance Arbitrations

Training and Development

  • Winning union organizing campaigns;
  • Supervisors guide to employee communication;
  • Maintaining a union free company;
  • Art and science of employee polling and attitude surveys;
  • What happens when you hire entire villages;

Coordinated Opposition

  • Security and executive protection services;
  • Public relations/ media relations;
  • Labor consulting
  • Logistics and distribution strategies
  • Strike coordination services