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Wage + Hour Track

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Meals, Breaks, Compensatory and Overtime: The Anatomy of a Class- Action Lawsuit

This briefing will focus your management team on the proper practices and protocols to fight off any class action litigation as well as laying out a records keeping protocol that will enable your legal representatives to have discoverable information at their fingertips if called upon to do so. In this age of class action litigation being used by plaintiff attorneys and organized labor alike to bring employers to their knees, every employer needs to attend this briefing.


Wage and Hour Enforcement Team Inspection Protocols

This briefing will focus on handling surprise visits from the U.S. Department of Labor and/or the California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement ("Labor Commissioner"). Learn and be familiar with your rights and obligations when the government comes calling. Whether it's the California Labor Commissioner or the U.S. Department of Labor, learn their playbook and know your rights in walk through inspections, production of records, and submitting personnel to interviews. Arm your team with the tools to take on any inspectors at the site level and begin building their case for success.


Dealing With Social Security Mismatches: "Where Do We Go From Here?"

Is your HR department of the continuing waiting game status of the Department of Homeland Security no match rule? Well this briefing is for you. This briefing will talk "everything social security and beyond" Learn what to do if you receive the no match letter, and more importantly , what is "actual" versus "constructive" knowledge in the eyes of the government. Learn what to do when the government or some third party comes calling, pointing out that your team may have a social security mismatch situation.


Employee Classifications

This briefing focuses primarily on the state and federal wage and hour enforcement agencies and their increased enforcement in the areas of exempt or non-exempt employees, independent contractors, internships, and students working under work permits. This briefing will readjust your advantage point as to how best to evaluate employee classifications before classifying employees inappropriately and exposing your company to enormous overtime liability not to mention meals and breaks.


Ever Expanding Theory of Joint Employer Liability

This briefing will cover the latest court decisions and enforcement trends in the area of joint employer liability, wage and hour, employment in immigration cases throughout the U.S. involving food processors, construction companies, manufacturing companies of all sizes and their staffing solutions whether they be independent contractors, farm labor contractors or staffing companies. Most of all, this briefing will cover compliance and operational game plans to operate effectively in this area without exposure to joint employer liability.