As many of you know, the phase-in for the overtime provision of AB 1066 has taken effect January 1, 2019 for large employers with 26 or more employees. Now that the practical effects of AB 1066 continue to take place, it has left several employers with lingering questions. As we previously reported here, updates to Wage Order No. 14 have been drafted and are under review. Please note that while these revisions have not received final approval they are expected to be enforced by the DLSE starting January 1, 2019.

Clarifying New California Overtime Requirements for Agricultural Employers with Employees Working In California and Arizona In The Same Week

As we previously reported, beginning January 1, 2019, an employee of an agricultural employer under Wage Order 14 with 26 or more employees, who works in California, will be entitled to overtime when working over 9.5 hours in a day or 55 hours in a week. See our previous eBlast here for more information regarding the new overtime requirements under AB 1066. It is common in the agricultural industry that an employer will have farmworkers who work in California and neighboring states such as Arizona within the same week. The question has been raised by some on how to comply with the new overtime obligations if an employer has workers in both California and Arizona in the same workweek. We offer some clarity on this. 

Down to the Wire: Proposed Revisions to Wage Order 14 Finally Submitted

We previously reported on AB 1066 and how it affects employers in regards to the phase-in for overtime, which you can read here and here. Due to AB 1066, the Industrial Welfare Commission was required to revise Wage Order 14 (“Wage Order”). Updates to Wage Order 14 have been drafted and are now awaiting review. A copy of the draft revised Wage Order 14 with track changes is attached to this eBlast here. Please note that while these revisions have not received final approval they are expected to be enforced by the DLSE starting January 1, 2019.    





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Governor Jerry Brown has signed all the legislative bills for 2018, his last as Governor of California, clearing the way for newly elected Governor Gavin Newsom to take his place next year. We now provide you with a compilation of employment related laws effective January 1, 2019, except when otherwise indicated.

AB 1066: Phase In of Overtime for Farmworkers

AB 1066, which went into effect in 2017, phases in new overtime requirements for agricultural employers, the first of which begins as the clock strikes midnight at the New Year.  Starting in 2019, AB 1066 lowers the 10-hour-day threshold for overtime to 9.5 hours in a day and 55 hours per week when overtime pay is required. This only applies to employers with 26 or more employees.

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