Wage & Hour

Wage and Hour Class Actions

The complexity of California labor and employment laws can make full compliance seem impossible to many employers. This exposure is particularly treacherous in class action claims of unpaid wages and labor code violations, commonly referred to as “wage and hour” class actions. Class action claims necessitate a vigorous and expert defense.

With a combined 50+ years of experience, the attorneys at The Saqui Law Group offer extensive leadership in this area of practice. Our proven track record in such matters is directly related to our responsiveness and our specialization in labor and employment—with a keen focus on staying on the cutting edge of compliance and other legal trends. 

We focus on:

  • Aggressive plans to defeat class certification
  • Mobilizing top experts and consultants in their fields to understand exposure early
  • Identifying leverage-point issues for litigation
  • Driving early resolution

The Saqui Law Group’s refined approach to labor and employment litigation matters, including class action cases, allows us to effectively execute our most important priority—undivided loyalty and service to our clients.

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