Worker Centers & Supply Chain Protection

Worker Centers & Supply Chain Protection

Keeping on the cutting edge of national union organizing tactics, the Saqui Law Group team has the most comprehensive and successful approach to “Worker Centers” anywhere in the U.S.

If you have never heard of worker centers, you are not alone. However, be advised as worker centers have become a powerful yet unwieldy weapon in organized labor’s arsenal. Worker centers utilize grass roots methods to disrupt business supply chains, they skirt federal law in doing so, and employers are struggling to adapt. Unions are also struggling to control their new creations and to transform their guerrilla tactics and the ensuing media attention into actual dues paying members.  

In order to sway public opinion and ultimately force employers to bend to their will, these Union front groups are staging protests in cities around the nation to generate publicity and disrupt businesses in their ongoing public relations campaign against retail employers, fast food operators, growers of agricultural products, and the multi-national agribusiness and food processors that produce the nation’s food supply. During the initial stages of activity, these highly disruptive actions rarely involve the targeted employer’s actual employees.

Worker Centers have been around for decades, but more recently coalesced into a widespread movement. While these demonstrations appear to be standard union campaigns, the groups behind them legally identify themselves as non-profits charities, educational outfits, and community organizations.1

1"The Labor Movement’s New Blood by Richard Bourbon” September 13, 2013, Wall Street Journal

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