Wrongful Termination / Sexual Harassment

Wrongful Termination

The Saqui Law Group has significant experience representing employers against claims for wrongful termination, including breach of employment agreements, violation of whistleblower statutes, retaliation and the ever popular “constructive discharge” cases. The Saqui Law Group also assists employers in implementing measures to ensure termination policies are properly followed in order to prevent future claims.

Historically, almost all relationships in California were considered to be “at will,” meaning (in theory) that an employer can discharge an employee at any time for a good reason, a bad reason or no reason at all. However, this simplistic interpretation is misleading. Successful defense of an employer means demonstrating a termination was not discriminatory, unlawful or within noted judicial exceptions.

Our team of litigators are highly experienced in the intricacies of wrongful termination claims under both California and Federal law, having successfully represented numerous employers and individuals. The Saqui Law Group aggressively litigates these cases to ensure full vindication for our clients while helping to chart an appropriate and tactful way forward. The Saqui Law Group also has exclusive resources and partnerships with top investigative and public relations firms.

Sexual Harassment

One of the most contentious and potentially damaging allegations an employee can present is a sexual harassment claim. These claims are usually “he said, she said” scenarios that are difficult to disprove without carefully investigating the facts. Because the allegations are often sensationalized, these cases require careful handling to help protect the reputation of the individual or company accused.

As a preventive measure, The Saqui Law Group counsels employers in handling sexual harassment complaints before they reach an administrative body or the court, helping to ensure they take the actions necessary to comply with the law and avoid liability. The specific needs of client businesses is the paramount consideration in everything we do.

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